Did you know the cost of water across the U.S. has risen 33% since 2010? And, the cost of sewage has kept pace as well. An astounding 13.7% of our total water use is leakage: running toilets, dripping faucets and garden hoses etc. Both water and $ money $ actually going down the drain! So what does this have to do with leak protection?

The PipeBurst pro system uniquely utilizes its online platform, ionleaks.com, and the FloMeter to provide users with a valuable tool which will help avoid costly leaks.




Kappa Alpha Theta/Tulane, June 25, 2015: “I received confirmation from the plumber regarding the source of the leak at Kappa Alpha Theta/Tulane. The Valve and Flush Kit for the second floor toilet failed and was dumping water down the drain at a rate of approximately 100 gallons per hour. The PipeBurst Pro system caught the excess flow of water and notified the assigned persons in a timely manner. This allowed the plumber to get on site and find the source of the leak. The Valve and Flush Kit has been replaced/repaired, and the system is back up and operational.”

– Chris Hancock, PipeBurst Pro Product Manager

PBP Savings: Using 2015 New Orleans water and sewer rates, 2400 gallons cost is $22.13 per day. As this house was closed for summer break, this could have gone undetected for another 45 -60 days resulting in a loss of more than $1000.

Athens, GA Resident, March 2, 2015: “Customer leaves his “2nd home” in Athens at 7:05 PM after using the guest toilet. Toilet continues to run at a pace of 2 gallons per minute. Unchecked, it would have run for 14 days until his return. 2900 gallons per day would have been wasted and charged to the homeowner. Flometer was set to notify at 100 gallons per day (8:27 PM).Owner requested ticker valve off via smart phone at 8:59 PM. Called a plumber and water service was resumed shortly thereafter.”

– Herbert Bond ,Leak Protection Services, Inc.

PBP Savings: Using 2015 Athens water and sewer rates, 2900 gallons cost is $32.71 per day – x 14 days = $457.96

Kappa Alpha Theta/ FSU, May 13, 2015: “I received a call from the plumber installing the Kappa Alpha Theta house at FSU. He said “this thing just doesn’t work. I’ve reset it five times and every time I turn it on it just immediately turns off the valve”! I looked at his Event Log online and have attached a screen shot. It shows the ice machine was leaking –so every time he would open the valve it would immediately turn off. Once we told him what it was, he fixed the problem at the ice machine and the valve stayed open.”

– Chris Hancock, Product Manager.

PBP Savings: A slow leak of even 3 gallons per hour would cost $319.25 in 60 days left unchecked.