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"My company installed the PipeBurst Pro Jr. for a special commercial application and shortly after installation, it found a leak and worked as advertised. Plus, the 2” TickerValve and the VIP Jr. were simple to install. I highly recommend PipeBurst Pro products."


"The PipeBurst Pro is the second flood prevention system I have installed in my home and it is by far the superior unit. All components are well designed and of the highest quality. I would recommend the PipeBurst Pro without reservation."


"Installed the valve outside as they said it was waterproof. The product setup time was about 20 minutes and I put the valve in myself (about 30 minutes). So far so good - no leaks and I hope I do not get another one...wish I had this months ago as we had $45,000 in water damage."


BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!


PROS: Easy Install & Waterproof Actuator


CONS: None


BEST USES: Outside and Wireless


"I have the PipeBurst Pro Jr. installed in my vacation home in Scottsdale and it gives me the peace of mind my home will not be flooded. Quality product and I would recommend it!"


BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!




CONS: None


BEST USES: Business, Personal Home, and/or Vacation Home



"We were on summer vacation when a plastic fitting on an upstairs toilet supply line failed.  A pinhole leak ran for 2 weeks while we were out of town.  When we came home there was water everywhere, drywall ceilings collapsed, carpets and furniture ruined, and lots of mold...  We were out of our house nearly 6 months while it was repaired, and the total damage to house and contents was over $200,000. 

God is good, and the house now looks better than ever.  Our insurance company recommended a whole house water alarm with shutoff valve.  We purchased a PipeBurst Pro Jr., and it has already found a leak!  When the new tub was installed, we asked the contractor to place a sheet of plastic under the tub, seal penetrations, and add a water sensor.  The first time we filled the tub, the hot water valve leaked, but instead of new water damage we had a small puddle on the plastic and the valve shut off the water right away.  Thank you for your great product." 


"Laurie and I would like to thank all of you and the PipeBurst Pro team for your excellent product and the benefits it offers. Our landscaping is finished in the front and while everyone concerned discussed the drainage and fall of the resulting landscape we found out Friday night at 1:30 am that it requires some additional attention as well as the conduits coming into the basement. On Friday we received about 3 inches of rain in just over an hour. The FloTrax sounded at 1:30 am and indicated water detected in the mechanical room at one of the geo units. I investigated to find about half of the mechanical room floor covered in water. The north wall was dripping wet but no substantial amount of water was flowing. I woke up the family to aid in moving items sitting on the floor to higher ground and we were just making some progress when evidently another big down pour occurred causing water to come pouring down the basement wall drenching the phone system and computer system router. Those wonderful gutter guards are great at keeping leaves and such out of the gutters but, they also hinder the gutters from taking large amounts of rain. I also found out that the two conduits that bring the phone and other utilities in are not sealed well at all. Bottom line many items were saved and the damage to many more were minimized due to the PipeBurst Pro. Most importantly we would have lost some down stairs carpeting had we not been awoken by the PipeBurst Pro."


"This is a great product! I had a water line bust downstairs last month and the SideKick detected the water and saved my basement from flooding!!"


"Purchased this one from another site....should have got it from you as it is cheaper. Anyway, I had $40,000 in water damage 4 months ago and my insurance company told me to get a system or lose my policy. Basically the product installed easily and wireless is great. The valve is hard core and I have it outside the house which is even better. It does a great job and I will buy my additional sensors from your guys!"


"Had my PipeBurst Pro Jr now for 4 months and the product has lived up to what they say. The valve is heavy duty and has some serious weight to it. I push the button every time I leave the home to shut off my water and have had no issues."


"I am one of the principals of the PipeBurst Pro company and I just had a leak under the sink in our new lunchroom at the factory! Just to show you how tricky these leaks can be:
1. Our maintenance man found this leak over 2 weeks ago before we had this section of the building
fully protected with the PipeBurst Pro system.
2. He didn’t think much about it at the time and just cleaned it up.
3. Then we had an engineer find it a week ago again.
4. He thought it was the nearby icemaker overflowing when it did its auto cycling/cleaning thing
and again, discounted it as a real leak.
5. Today our engineering manager saw it again present and brought it to my attention.
6. We both thought it was nothing but a fluke… until I tried to snug up the fitting a little and then it
began leaking like mad!

I was glad the PipeBurst Pro was installed, as it quickly shut down the pipe to that section of the building, stopping the water. To make a longer story shorter, I got some new parts and fixed it properly. But, the melamine/particle board floor of the cabinet was bordering near the swelling up stage and if the leak had gone longer it would have ruined the cabinet floor, not to mention flooding that section of the factory with untold potential damage. Just look at the series of mistakes that had to happen before someone took this problem seriously…there were 6 of them. Normally you only need 3 mistakes to turn something into something serious! Needless to say I will sleep better tonight.

No one is immune to water pipe leaks, not even the people who make the PipeBurst Pro! I hope this helps someone else."


"The PipeBurst Pro works like a charm, 1” copper in, cpcv out, pipe is overhead in the garage. I feel much safer now."


"This valve is exactly what we need. Excellent product, I wish you huge success."


"Thanks to the PipeBurst Pro Jr. I found the leak in my roof before I got any water damage in my home!."


"Expensive, but worth every penny! I originally bought the diaphram type valve nd I could see that it would not last more than a couple years. I went to Smart Home's retail store and inspected the PipeBurst Pro Jr. It is made like a tank, stainless steel ball valve and nitrile seats. The valve is made for the farming industry to accept chemicals and operate in harsh environments. Installs easy and operates great. I had over $30,000 of water damage last year, and don;t want to go through that again! Great product!!"


"Just bought the PipeBurst Pro Jr. a month ago, the product already stopped a potential major issue as my toilet had a slight leak and it picked it up. Great quality and it does what it advertises."