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Will your home or business be flooded with problems when your pipes leak?

Leaks in pipes and major plumbing failures are more common in homes and businesses than we would like to admit, and it’s easy to believe it will never happen to us. However, every year, thousands of buildings, belongings and assets are damaged by leaking water, valuable time is lost and many thousands of dollars are spent on recovery. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re protected?

PipeBurst Pro is the highest-quality, most effective automatic flood detection and prevention system on the market. We offer outstanding customer service and have the best warranty in the industry, too.

What matters most, though, is that PipeBurst Pro protects the most important things in your life. Not just walls, ceilings and floors – they can be replaced. PipeBurst Pro protects family pictures, your kids’ grade school artwork and great grandmother’s oak rocker. At your place of business, this automatic, rapidly deploying leak control system protects important computer documents, such as employee files, legal contracts and project archives. It also protects the expensive drives and servers where documents are stored, not to mention other valuable equipment on your property.

At home or at work, trust PipeBurst Pro to give you peace of mind 24/7. 

How It Works

If a leak occurs, the sensor detects the water and sends a signal to immediately shut off the water. It's that simple.

Lower your Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer policy discounts when you install PipeBurst Pro.  Integrate PipeBurst Pro with a monitored security system for even a possible greater savings.

Industry’s Best 7-Year Limited Warranty




Superior Warranty


PipeBurst Pro offers the best protection on the market. We stand behind our products with a unique 2-year comprehensive warranty and 7-year limited warranty.

PipeBurst Pro Protects your Property Quickly and Automatically

  • High-tech sensors and proprietary control components rapidly respond to leaks, detecting and turning off the source
  • Choose either the wireless PipeBurst Pro Sr. or the hard-wired PipeBurst Pro Jr. for tailored installation
  • Stainless steel valve and waterproof components—the only weather-resistant system of its kind designed for outdoor installation
  • For maximum protection, integrate into security systems and receive immediate alerts while you’re off property
  • Quick delivery and installation by certified professionals
  • Potential insurance discounts 


Choose PipeBurst Pro – proudly made in the USA – and protect what matters most.


What are you wading for? 

Complete Home Protection

Today's homes contain more water source points than ever before - leaving your residence vulnerable to potentially disastrous leaks. PipeBurst Pro can tailor a detection and shut-off system for your home to provide maximum protection. Place a sensor at the lowest point in your home, on each floor, or at every water source. Integrate into an existing security system for alerts while you're away. PipeBurst Pro offers different levels of installation to protect what matters most.

Ideal For:


Hot Spots:

  • Residences
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties
  • Condominiums
  • Pool houses
  • Apartments
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Floor drains
  • Washing machines
  • Hot water tanks

Don't leave protection of your home to chance.

Be proactive with PipeBurst Pro.

What are you wading for?